The Catholic Lawyers Guild of the Diocese of Lansing was organized in 1985 to:

(1) Foster spiritual growth and fellowship among Catholic lawyers and law students,

(2) Enhance appreciation for and observance of high ethical standards in the practice of law, and

(3) To encourage attentiveness among lawyers to the weightier matters of the law – justice, mercy and faith; that our competence in secular disciplines may serve to promote human dignity and the common good, to the glory of God!

The Guild sponsors an annual diocesan Red Mass, invoking the blessing and guidance of the Holy Spirit upon the courts of the State of Michigan. In conjunction with the Red Mass, the Guild presents its St. Thomas More Award to recognize and honor an individual who has exemplified the qualities of our patron saint. The Guild also sponsors an annual retreat for lawyers and engages in other activities consistent with its purposes. The Guild also endeavors to nurture local fellowships among lawyers in the counties of the diocese as well as among the students attending the law schools located in the Diocese of Lansing.